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  • Mega Boom Targets NEW STS model
  • Mega Boom Targets May exceed 150 decibels! The Revolutionary Supersonic Target System turns your recycling into a super loud, booming target!
  • Mega Boom Targets - Shoot with any projectile - Arrows, Bullets, Pellets and Bolts
  • Mega Boom Targets - It's LOUD! Supersonic rip
  • Mega Boom Targets - Ingenious Device! - Megaboom works based on simple physics and is made of premium everyday parts
  • Mega Boom Targets - BIG SOUND LOW ENERGY

The MegaBOOM “Lotta Loud” GUARANTEE

If you buy it and try it, and you don’t think MegaBOOM gives you more “boom” for your buck, we will give you your money back*. No questions asked.

  • *Send receipt of purchase and MegaBOOM to:
  • MegaBOOM
  • P.O. Box 564
  • Idyllwild, CA 92549
  • We will refund your retail purchase price.
  • Void if the MegaBOOM has been struck by a projectile.

As seen on TV

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