Mega Boom Targets - STS Clear

MegaBoom Polycarbonate Supersonic Target System

MegaBOOM STS with Ballistic Safety Bag included (polycarbonate base)

Mega Boom Targets - STEEL

MegaBoom Stainless Steel Supersonic Target System

MegaBOOM STEEL with Ballistic Safety Bag included (stainless steel base)

MegaBOOM MiniPlate

MegaBoom Rimfire Protective Plate

Shaped to clip on to the front of the MegaBOOM STS or STEEL, this robust protective plate will deflect projectiles such as arrows, pellets, BBs, .22 bullets and semi-auto pistol rounds, keeping your MegaBOOM safer from damage.


MegaBoom Small Bottle Adapter

MegaBOOM STS small-bottle adapter allows you to use common thin-walled 500 mL bottles.


MegaBoom Extreme Air Pump

Handy bike-style air pump for pressurizing bottles; 160 psi rated.