Jeremy Woods on January 19, 2015

FINALLY! A sonic boom for us archers, air gunners, sling shooters, etc!! I picked this up about a month ago and wanted to give it a good run before I wrote a review. 1. I shot my first bottle at 10 yards in my subdivision and we had people from two blocks down that heard it in the shower! The key is to hit the bottle dead center. That is the thinnest part and gives the loudest boom. 2. The customer service from Airburst is amazing. I noticed after a few shots parts of the bottle were still in the megaboom. I checked out their website and found the answer to my question right away. It's just as simple as using a pair of needle nose pliers to remove the remaining portion. 3. I've shot at least 50-bottles through mine and it hasn't failed once!!! Made in America means something again! 4. The price!!! This little guy is not only affordable, but I get to blow up my bottles before I recycle them! Cheapest, LOUDEST fun we've had in a long time! Check out the videos on their website. Hope this review helps! Shoot straight!

Lots of fun and super easy to assemble

Matthew W Greene on November 25, 2014

I got one of these a few days ago and it is loud! Lots of fun and super easy to assemble. Best of all it is made in the USA! The frame seems durable as it is metal and should last unless directly hit with a firearm. Can be shot with many different projectiles. Put some air into it and.......... POW!!!!


christopher strom on December 1, 2014

The design and function of the MegaBOOM is sheer genius. The explosion of the pressurized pop bottle has made me fall in love with my air rifle again. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that enjoys target shooting with a gun or bow. The best part is, the cost for targets is free, bottles you would normally recycle.

The Megaboom is my archery students' favorite part of my lesson

jennifer on December 5, 2014

I bought a Megaboom for my archery classes. For a reward at the end of the lesson the students could shoot the Megaboom. It has become the students' favorite part of the lesson. The Megaboom is easy to set up and very loud when shot with a bow and arrow. We put some colored corn starch in the bottle before we pump it up so it makes a cloud of dust when hit. We enjoyed it so much we started selling them in our sporting goods store.

Amazingly loud fun!

Lucien Leveille on February 17, 2015

We sell these targets at work and I bought one for personal use. The targets explode quite loudly and we were able to use a 20oz bottle at 105 PSI. The targets are quite loud even from the end of our 20 yard indoor range. They're a lot of fun and even the kids love using them. I do strongly recommend using the included mesh bag to place the bottles in while filling them with air just in case they ever pop. While shooting these with arrows, we have seen chunks of plastic about 2 inches around come flying off. I think anyone who sees this in person (the microphones on cameras just don't do this system justice!) will want one for themselves.

Megaboom is MEGA family fun!!

Dawn Caveye on March 6, 2015

Megaboom is a great product for inexpensive family fun! The best archery target I've ever shot. Hours of endless fun for family and friends. My boys and I have enjoyed using the product. The customer service that is provided is unmatched. Ralph stands behind his product no questions and goes the extra mile when he doesn't have to. I recommend this product to anyone who enjoys target shooting combined with fun with the family. One of the greatest products I've ever bought.

This thing Is Awesome!!!!!

Jeff on March 9, 2015

Product is great and delivers what was promised. I shot them with a .22 caliber air rifle with heavy pellets and the reaction was awesome. I have the water bottle adapter delivering tomorrow and can't wait. I will review this as well. I contacted Ralph at MegaBOOM prior to buying and he was so helpful and patient with my questions. It is hard to find that kind of customer care and support these days. Shooters, this is a keeper.


Lee gonser on March 11, 2015

I bought this for my airguns, but it doesn't work to well for airguns. I don't think that I have heavy enough pellets for it. I think that I need thinner bottles for airguns. Ok that's the bad, now for the good, I hit it with a .22LR. What a rush. The Coke bottle I hit was sent across the range with a loud BOOOM! LOVE IT. I will probably buy the adapter for the thinner bottles.

Great product. It is much louder than you think

BenA on January 25, 2015

Great product. It is much louder than you think. You want to buy extra little rubber pieces but that's it. It really is a great product.

This thing is nothing short of AWESOME! We pump up two liter bottles and shot ...

kimberly on January 12, 2015

This thing is nothing short of AWESOME! We pump up two liter bottles and shot them with an arrow and the boom rocks the neighborhood! We had neighbors coming out of their houses to see what was going on. One neighbor is now bringing us used two liters to shoot! You will not be disappointed!

It's easy to set up

Samantha Espinoza on December 8, 2014

HOLY COW!! This product will blow you away! It's loud, and it gives you a bit of an adrenaline rush when it goes BOOM. The smaller bottles pack an even bigger punch! It's easy to set up, pump and use. Time to have a BLAST!

One of the best things I have come across in a long time

Kevin Walker on December 8, 2014

All it took was to see a bottle explode and I was hooked. It brings out the kid in you wanting to see and hear something blow up. Here is your chance to safely make VERY BIG noise. I am giving them as gifts this Christmas. One of the best things I have come across in a long time.

It's the best fun for under $30 that you can get

Reith Kouma on December 8, 2014

It's the best fun for under $30 that you can get. Fun way to recycle your plastic bottles. Super easy to use and loads of fun for the family.

Awesome product!!

dkmomofthree on December 5, 2014

This thing is AWESOME!! You will not be disappointed with the performance of the MegaBOOM! It is loud as heck!