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Why so LOUD?

The “BOOM” is caused by a supersonic rip. The pressure inside the plastic bottle, when released by the impact of the projectile, causes the bottle to rip at a supersonic speed, resulting in a sonic boom!


Big sound, low energy! While the sound caused by the sonic boom is BIG, the energy released by the ripping bottle is quite low. There is virtually no danger of bottle fragments because of the low mass involved, except at extremely close ranges.

The bigger the bottle, the bigger the BOOM!

Add a cloud to the LOUD, Add a small amount of cornstarch or flour to the bottle for added visual effect. MegaBOOM can be easily cleaned. Dishwasher safe.

Warning: Audio output may exceed 150 decibels. Wear hearing and eye protection during pressurization and shooting. Stay 15 feet. clear of target when shooting.